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We’re building a movement in the UK to bring an end to food waste and food poverty and we would like you to join us.

Many organisations are battling hard to redistribute surplus food to people facing food insecurity – but a growing number of us are realising that this is not a long-term solution to either food waste or food poverty. The abundance of food we produce should not be wasted in the first place. In the sixth richest country in the world, nobody should go hungry or need to rely on food charities to survive.

That’s why we’re building a project to encourage organisations and individuals working in the sphere of food aid, food waste and poverty campaigning to collaborate more, and have the confidence to speak out in favour of systemic long-term policies to end both food waste and poverty. These policies range from ambitious regulation on businesses to end food waste, to redistributive tax justice, to creating well-funded solid social safety nets, amongst others.

If you’re an organisation or individual who wants to speak out more about systemic solutions to food waste and/or poverty:

→ Check out our Comms Toolkit for quick simple messaging actions to speak out. 

Sign up to our newsletter for regular updates on policies and campaigns to design food waste and poverty out of the system – with ideas for campaign actions to share, campaigns and coalitions to support, and news to amplify. We welcome individuals or regional branches from organisations signing up too! sign up here.

→ If you’re an organisation, academic or public figure who would like to sign up to our Food Abundance and Equality Declaration please do so via this form and if you’d like to get in touch please email

Check out our Toolkit for Change which provides an accessible introduction to the campaigns out there calling for systemic change, and opportunities to get involved

→If you are an organisation working in this area, check out our Suggested actions for organisations

→ Share our open letter to the government signed by, amongst others, George Monbiot, Jamelia, and Greenpeace.

→ Check out our animated short films, and feel free to use them in your work, to educate/campaign:

→ Read our policy briefs offering an accessible introduction to the issues

If you are an organisation already running campaigns for systemic solutions to food waste and poverty, we want to complement and amplify what you are doing already:

→ We can help amplify your campaigns by including them in our Toolkit for Change, newsletters and policy materials.

→ We can direct organisations towards coalitions and campaigns that you are running

→ If you have advice for us on helpful comms framings for issues, we’d love to hear your advice and help spread best-practice

→ You may also find our policy briefs and resources helpful to your campaigning 

Have questions or want to get involved? Contact us: