Stop the Rot

Stop the Rot was a campaign highlighting the 7 million tonnes of food waste in the UK food supply chain before the consumer. Targeting the big four supermarkets we pushed for ambitious industry food waste reduction targets and for transparent reporting of supply chain food waste.

Working through the supply chain, we brought together retailers, manufacturers and producers to discuss where the opportunities lay in food waste reduction. We liaised with the UK’s largest retailers (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and M&S) to achieve reduction across the entire sector and built a voice in the development of the Courtauld Commitment 2025 with WRAP. Behind closed-doors discussion was one part of our work, we helped raised the issue amongst the public, securing 240,000 signatures on the campaign petition and using public awareness stunts and videos to catch attention and increase impact. During the campaign we supported Kerry McCarthy MPs Food Waste Reduction Bill which was put to Parliament in 2015.

Today Stop the Rot is working in a European food waste coalition to lobby over European Parliament over the EC Circular Economy bill – asking for 50% reduction in food waste across Europe by 2030 – this world leading example would set the precedent for the future. Add your voice to this call!