Halve EU Food Waste
This Is Rubbish are leading a huge international movement to call on the EU to halve its food waste by 2030. 48 organisations from across 17 countries and over 60,000 people have now backed our call.
Take Action now to defend your right to halve EU food waste!

This is the biggest coalition of organisations which has ever come together to campaign for policy change on food waste, and for good reason – the EU’s Circular Economy Package has potential to be the most ambitious agreement on food waste the world has ever seen.

But everything’s at stake, as the agreement might be weakened. Some versions of the agreement are non-binding, which would be easy for some member states to ignore. Some versions of the agreement only target retail and consumer food waste, sidelining the mountains of food waste which occur on EU farms and manufacturing, which may account for up to 59% of the EU’s food waste.

That’s why we’re calling for a the EU to introduce binding farm-to-fork targets to halve EU food waste by 2030, and to introduce a food waste hierarchy to ensure food goes to its best possible use.

Following great pressure from our campaign, on 24th January, the European Parliament’s Environment Committee made the landmark vote to support farm-to-fork targets, and to support the food waste hierarchy – a huge step forward. But they did not vote to support mandatory targets, and some farm food losses are still excluded from the targets.

Now we’ll be taking our fight to the European Parliament and Council, ahead of the final discussions to decide on the final food waste target, part of the EU’s Circular Economy Package. Join our fight for binding food waste targets which matter!
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