Cirque de Surplus

Everyone is welcome at The Cirque de Surplus

The new This is Rubbish programme for public engagement and food waste reduction could be comingto an event near you. We are currently inviting commissions and exploring funding possibilities. This is Rubbish works to reduce food waste at all stages of the supply chain hierarchy in the UK and beyond; using policy campaigns, values-led education, the arts and public events.

Cirque de Surplus is an interactive, performance based vehicle to raise awareness of food waste in the supply chain. Performer educators present issues surrounding food waste to audiences at food related events and festivals. Delivery involves an experienced compere in order to maximise its impact and promote interaction with the issues and activities

The content will challenge public perception and prompt discussion and evaluation of our relationship with food and the environment. The adaptable pieces are lively, positive and designed to inspire people to take action on food waste. They include games such as three legged carrot racing and performance pieces including “Waiting for Tesco.” Everyone will go away laughing.