Cirque de Surplus

Wonky, wrinkly or past your best-before-date? Everyone is welcome at the Cirque de Surplus

Cirque de Surplus is an interactive, performance based vehicle to raise awareness of food waste in the supply chain. Our colourful offer challenges public perception and prompts discussion and evaluation of our relationship with food and the environment, leaving a lasting impression with audiences through

  • Colourful, interactive costumed performers and educators
  • Easy to digest information about the scale of preventable food waste
  • Engaging activities for children such as badge making – who is your vegetable hero?
  • Eating, preparing and taking away surplus food
  • Making simple pledges to reduce personal food waste
  • Collectively sharing existing wisdom and ideas
  • Taking part in our Giant Salad Toss in a creative – and tasty – collective act against food waste

If you would like to see Cirque de Surplus rolling in to an event or festival near you, then please invite us! We are inviting commissions and opportunities. Email for enquiries!

“The best thing I’ve seen all day” Louise Jeffryes, CEO Barbican

“I’ve never seen my son so excited about eating salad” Parent, Barnet

“What you are doing is very important” Jeremy Corbyn

“I like bananas” Anna, 4

“All carrots are equal!” Carrot race runner-up