Waterloo Food Festival tackles food waste by hosting Exotic Excess

1CommentsJuly 9th, 2014

The This is Rubbish Exotics

This is Rubbish serve delicious surplus to members of the public

Last Saturday a merry band of Exotics held the fort and fed over 500 people tropical fruit surplus salads, complete with edible glitter made from fruit that otherwise would’ve been wasted. A huge thank you to all our volunteers who spoke about food waste for 8 hours, while dressed as tropical exotics! A very special role indeed.

Throughout the day, Exotics offered the public tastes of how delicious industry food waste actually is, we collected over 100 Say no to food waste pledge cards, while informing people about what they can do in the form of an Activist Menu.

This is Rubbish aims to raise awareness about the 50% of food that is wasted before it even reaches people’s homes. We do this by feeding the public with delicious food that was destined for the bin. For this event we worked sourcing our food from Tesco and Morrisons, making sure that the food fed bellies not bins.

We were commissioned by the Waterloo Quater, and were part of their month long Food Festival, that takes place throughout July.  Further details about Waterloo Quarter food festival events in July are available at www.wearewaterloo.co.uk

The great surplus toss!

The event was wrapped up by our Rubbish queen, Exotica, who led the masses into a participatory fruit surplus salad toss. Fruit was chopped and lobbed and tossed, and served up to the public, after they helped prepare their own rubbish desert.

For more  information on how to bring an end to supply chain surplus, check out our Activist Menu.


  • Jo Stodgel

    I appreciate how colorful and fun you have made an issue whose time has come and is surely an important and pressing one. Thank you for inspiring more of us to take part in seeing that resources are used and freed from the toxic soup of landfill.

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