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1CommentsJanuary 7th, 2010

Feeding the 5000 was a fantastic event, and something that This is Rubbish are extremely proud of being an active part of. We did it first and foremost to draw attention to the epic problem of food waste occurring in the UK and globally. We also were there to refocus attention the where the most food is wasted and suggest methods of reducing the severe scale of food waste that currently occurs at every stage of our food supply chain. We feel TiR’s communication objectives were achieved; not only did over 4000 people attend the event and feast on food that otherwise would’ve been wasted, the event received lots of media coverage. A sure fire way to raise public attention about the problem of food waste and propose practical and policy based solutions.

Please see below for all the press coverage that the event received. What a success!


  • Independent – news story 30th November
  • Observer (review) – interview with Tristram – Sunday 13th (attached)
  • Daily Mail – full page piece by Tristram –14th Dec (attached)
  • Evening Standard – news story – Tuesday 15th
  • Times – full page comment piece – Tues 15th (attached)
  • Press Association – news story Tues 15th
  • Times – Universal Daily Register – Wed 16th (attached)
  • Evening Standard – piece by Rosie Boycott – Wed 16th (attached)
  • Metro – news and photo story – Thurs 17th (attached)
  • Guardian – leader – Thurs 17th (attached)
  • FT- Lunch with the FT – taking place today at Wahaca – 26th December


  • BBC News – news story – wed 16th
  • Guardian – video – Wed 16th Dec
  • Guardian podcast with Tristram and Tommi – Thursday 17th
  • Independent – Wed 16th
  • New Statesman –Wed 16th
  • Ecologist – interview with Tristram – date tbc
  • Hundreds of mentions of the event (build-up and after) on food/social/environment/NGO blogs and websites as well as ‘what’s on’ sites.
  • BROADCAST COVERAGE – From the Square


  • BBC1 – BBC Breakfast at 6.50am, 7.50am and 8.50am – Wed 16th
  • BBC London TV – piece on lunchtime bulletin (using footage from BBC Breakfast) – Wed 16th
  • ITN multimedia – interview with Tristram – Thursday 17th
  • Metro International Newspapers – multi-language editions went out today (thurs 17th)
  • BBC Persia – interviewed Tristram
  • Also freelance photographers from Norwegian and Russian outlets
  • Swedish radio
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